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How To Embrace the Unexplored You: What is My Life Purpose? How to Self Actualize (P.III)

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

This is the third of a four-part essay each of which is explored in a separate article. The essay examines what is meant by the term "life purpose" and how to actualize it. In my exploration of this matter, I conclude that purpose does not exist in isolation of actions, as without actions, purpose does not find expression. The essay scrutinizes and defines purpose as a set of actions that one undertakes within and about the "known" and the "unknown" spheres. In the first article I explore purpose from the perspective of the "known". The "known" acknowledges that meaning can be found in connections you forge with others, with yourself, and with what is already familiar. That which is known by you through repeated, and iterative actions can lead to ever deeper interactions and revelations of oneself. In the second and third article I evolve the concept of the "unknown" and explore how it can inform life purpose. In the final article I will bring all these ideas together to formulate the concept of "balance" as the key to discovering life purpose.

At the heart of discovery lies an unwavering flame known as curiosity. It is the fuel that propels us forward on our quest for understanding.
What is My Life Purpose? Self Actualization

In a world of infinite possibilities discovering things unknown resonates with the audacious spirit of the relentless explorer. It encapsulates the insatiable curiosity that drives us to venture into uncharted territories, to seek knowledge beyond the familiar. This article explores the profound meaning behind this captivating notion of discovering things unknown - inviting readers on an expedition through the realms of curiosity, exploration, and the ceaseless pursuit of the boundaries, yet unknown. Before we delve into this further do note that this short article is not meant to be a philosophical treatment of the meaning of life or to peer into the fundamentals of meaning or into the intricacies of scientific explanations of why we are the way we are - I leave that to others.

The goal here is simply to share with you what I have leant over many years and ho i have actualized this knowledge as I journeyed. The reader is encouraged to ponder matters closer to their everyday routines and actions such as the things we do, say, think of - do so without much consideration for "what" is being done or what is truly understood or known or unknown about the very nature of that thing. The action needed is simply to stop and ask a simple question about the essence of the thing and what it means for your life experience and journey - the next set of actions will evolve naturally from there. The journey to unveiling the path to your life's purpose begins with you embracing and questioning the unexplored you. Once you have explored one version there emerges other versions to keep exploring.

What is my Life Purpose? - The Flame That Ignites Discovery

At the heart of discovery lies an unwavering flame known as curiosity. It is the fuel that propels us forward on our quest for understanding. Curiosity is the gateway to new experiences, fresh perspectives, and a deeper comprehension of the world around us. By acknowledging that there are countless unknowns awaiting our discovery, we embrace an unwavering commitment to continuously expanding our horizons. The expanse of one’s curiosity is constrained by one’s own thoughts, interest, and willingness to explore. Look across the room or space in which you currently sit and point at any item, (including you) and ask yourself a why/what/how question such as – why is that thing in its current location or what is its meaning or function? This simple question is a quest – yes, its curiosity! and this can be life changing. It can save or make you money, open up a new career path or may lead you to enlightenment, perhaps!.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Life itself is an ever-evolving adventure, with each passing moment offering the possibility of uncovering something new. The openness to discover things unknown signifies a refusal to settle for the known and the familiar. It ignites a thirst for exploration and invites us to embark on a transformative journey. By stepping into the unknown, we open ourselves up to unparalleled growth, self-discovery, and profound experiences. And yes, this requires that you do something, that you take action, that begins with you asking questions of yourself.

The Enigmatic Charm of the Unknown

The allure of the unknown lies in its enigmatic charm, drawing us into unexplored territories that hold hidden treasures. It represents a vast expanse of possibilities, a world yet to be unraveled. It captures the essence of this allure, reminding us of the excitement that comes with venturing beyond the confines of our comfort zones. It stirs our imagination and encourages us to embrace uncertainty, something new, for it is within the unknown, the undiscovered that true wonder resides, perhaps that's where we find who we truly are. In other words, that’s where you begin to encounter yourself and begin a journey to represent yourself within any environment – go ahead and paint that wall red its YOU! Remodel that room just the way you want it, Make it YOU!. Explore that new career path. Take that trip to “nowhere” you will be there as soon as you get there to reveal the purpose of you being there. To explore of course!! To discover that side of you yet unknown.

Embracing Humility and Embracing Discovery

By acknowledging that you haven’t yet discover all things unknown about you, the world or of others, you embrace humility in the face of the infinite knowledge that surrounds you. It should humble you, reminding you that there will always be more to learn, to explore, and to understand – stop and just ponder this a second. Humility opens our minds to new perspectives, breaking down the barriers that hinder our growth. It allows us to see the majesty of that which cant be conquered. It encourages us to be receptive to the wisdom and experiences of our present, our past and that of others, fostering a sense of interconnectedness in our collective pursuit of knowledge and perhaps understanding!

In other words, the unknown becomes known when you put together the contributions of all those who explore and embrace discovery. So, ask yourself - what are you prepared to discover either from others or through your own embrace of the unknown? There lies your growth, there perhaps lies your purpose. A sudden finding of a version of oneself. The audacity to care enough to be YOU, to search that endless open and vacuous space, to be brave enough to follow a different path other than the one you once followed or to expand the boundaries of who and where you are or dream to be. To suddenly amass the will to act. To dare, is to Act!

The Boundless Growth Within the Unknown

Stepping into the unknown allows us to tap into our limitless potential for growth. It compels us to confront challenges, push boundaries, surpass our own expectations, and be in the presence of the most representative notion of ourselves. To confront that being whose image replicates itself by seeing its presence in the mirror every morning and to feel the urge to push pass the boredom, the complacency of the known self, and the everyday routine rooted in the known.

Exploring the unknown empowers us to transcend our comforts, limitations, encouraging us to embrace discomfort and the transformative power of uncertainty. It is within the uncharted territories that we unearth hidden strengths, resilience, and a heightened perception of self and we begin to project self onto the world in every aspect – love, passion, career, and life. Yes, that pink color is probably not you, you've just grown accustomed to it! - go find your true color and paint the world with it when you do find out what it is! Go Find out, I dare you to.

Self Actualization & Innovation Through the Unknown

The unknown serves as a wellspring of inspiration and innovation. By acknowledging our uncharted path, we unlock our creative potential, seeing beyond the constraints of our conventional thinking. It sparks a fire within us, urging us to question the status quo, to explore unexplored avenues, and to create new possibilities. It challenges us to think outside your historical box, fostering a culture of innovative thoughts and contributing to the advancement of YOU, your family, your community, and the world.

At the heart of discovery lies an unwavering flame known as curiosity. It is the fuel that propels us forward on our quest for understanding.
How To Embrace the Unexplored You

The Eternal Quest of Self

The Unknown signifies an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning and intellectual pursuit and growth not just of the world but most importantly, of yourself. It reminds us that knowledge is infinite and knows no bounds, transcending time, space, the limitations of thought, our environment, and our constrained understanding of what knowledge means - and by extension what is your limitation in such an expanse of possibilities. By embodying this philosophy, we can embark on a perpetual journey of discovery, self expression, and finding fulfillment in the ceaseless expansion of our intellectual horizons and pursuits - even in every aspect of our everyday living.


The unknown encapsulates a spirit of the intrepid explorer within us all. It inspires us to embrace curiosity, to step into the unexplored, and to cultivate a lifelong thirst for knowledge, insights, crumbs however small because it adds to the crumbs amassed from prior experiences to become fortresses of knowledge, bastons of self expressions, and limitless courage to continue the boundless journey deeper into the unknown. By venturing into the unknown, we unlock new dimensions of self-discovery, self actuation, innovative thought, and growth. So, let us embrace the uncharted with fervor and enthusiasm, for it is within the enigma of the unknown that the undiscovered manifestations of our selves may be revealed. Yes, we reveal our purpose not by knowing it but by acting within that which is known whilst navigating the unknown. We remain in constant search for what else YOU can discover about you, your community, and your world.

This does not mean that the "known' has no part to play in charting our life path to finding purpose. On the contrary, it does, as was explored in Part 1 of this essay. However, the question that emerges is if both the known and the unknow seem to play vital roles in us being able to find purpose or at least a path to purpose - how should we navigate these two actions to help us define a life path? Now that we have set the stage, we will take up this question by exploring the concept of "balance" in the fourth and final article of the essay.


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