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How To Find Your Purpose In Life? - Liberating Perspectives on Finding Life Purpose (P.I)

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

This is the first of a four part essay each of which is explored in a separate article. The essay examines what is meant by the term "life purpose". in my exploration of this matter I conclude that purpose does not exist in isolation of actions, as without actions purpose is without expression. As for predestination of actions by an individual, I do not contend with this issue here as there are too many forks along that route. Rather, my essay scrutinizes and defines purpose as a set of actions that one undertakes within and about the "known" and "familiar" things, people and environments - and also actions that is yet to be taken within the realm of the unknown. I conclude that only purposeful actions give balance and meaning to our lives. This first article explores the role that the "familiar" plays in our life. I explore the concept of the "unknown" and the concept of "balance" in the other three articles.


In a world driven by the quest for purpose, value and significance, there exists a distinct perspective that challenges the notion of seeking purpose in things yet unknown. While many embrace the enigmatic and uncharted as a source of meaning and excitement, there are those who find fulfillment in the familiar and the known, rejecting the need to seek purpose in things yet undiscovered about ourselves or of the world around us.

Beautiful Woman Contemplating Life's Purpose
Life Purpose Finding - Unveiling The Meaning Within You

This alternative perspective urges us to explore the depths of the known, acknowledging that purpose can be found within the familiar, the everyday routine, the everyday interactions, the everyday activities, the usual, the casual, the sights, the scents and the visible. By embracing this mindset, you can discover profound meaning and fulfillment in the ordinary aspects of your everyday transactions. This may seem bland and directionless but as there seem to be nothing sophisticated or grand about that which is already known - but hold on a minute let's explore this further!

Re-evaluating the Known - How to find Your Purpose in Life

The assertion of not seeking purpose in things unknown invites us to re-evaluate the significance of the known. In other words if the known is our only focus then we hopefully will take the liberty to examine it profoundly and perfect it!. While the unknown often captivates our imagination and promises adventure, we must not overlook the rich tapestry of meaning which is woven within what we already know and what we are familiar with. By delving deeper into our familiar surroundings and experiences, we can uncover hidden depths and appreciate the intrinsic value they offer.

To embrace this perspective is to acknowledge that meaning can be found in the connections you forge with others, with yourself, with nature, with the pursuit of knowledge about the known, and with the pursuit of personal nourishment and growth. It encourages us to seek fulfillment in the relationships we cultivate, the battle and struggles we fight, life's ugliness and beauty, the passions we pursue and already know, and to sustain and maintain the impact we already make within our immediate spheres of influence. It emphasizes the search for perfection in and of the known through constant engagement and re-examination of same.

Moreover, by focusing on the known, we can cultivate a sense of stability and grounding in our lives. It allows us to anchor ourselves in the present moment and derive meaning from the experiences and relationships that surround us daily. Moreover, by cherishing what is known, we build a foundation of purpose that provides a stable platform from which we can explore the unknown, should we choose to do so. However, the known is a place of comfort and relaxation, of ease, and where prognostics yield fairly defined and known outcomes. Fear is not contemplated within the known because life is considered predictable but full of meaning albeit known and already explored!.

Challenging the Obsession with the Unknown

The notion of not seeking purpose in things unknown calls into question society's fascination with the unknown as the sole source of life purpose and fulfillment. Seeking after the unknown it is thought, encourages you to "dare", to "just do it", irrespective of whether you have an apriori definition of purposeful action or objective, at least initially. It challenges the notion that our lives must be defined by grand adventures, extraordinary achievements, continuous search, or mysterious quests, a sense of exhilarating fulfillment of discovery.

It is thought that, by rejecting the obsession with the unknown, we may liberate ourselves from the pressure to constantly seek external validation, relentless pursuit of knowledge, excitement. thrills, and from seeking validation from lofty, unattainable goals. Instead, we can find contentment in the simplicity of everyday life, nurturing our relationships, pursuing our known passions, and engaging with the world around us within the define constraints of our known understandings.

This perspective also highlights the importance of being present and mindful in our pursuits. When we don't seek purpose in things we don't know, we shift our focus to the present moment, savoring the beauty and meaning that can be found in the here and now. It invites us to practice gratitude for what we have and to find joy in the small, seemingly insignificant moments, motions, and actions that make up our everyday dynamics.

Additionally, by embracing the known, we foster a sense of belonging and connection. We recognize the power of community and the impact we can have on others' lives. By investing in meaningful relationships and contributing to the well-being of those around us, we not only create purpose but give purpose and fulfillment that extends far beyond our individual selves and aspirations. This is why volunteering within your community feels purposeful even in the absence of monetary or tangible rewards.

Realize that the feeling you experience is not you having found something tangible for which you've been searching, rather it is you manifesting actions that evolve that sense of you reaching beyond you. You can now begin to understand that purpose is hidden in actions revealed or yet to be unveiled, both good and bad actions - no exceptions. The known binds you to the finiteness of your known life expressions with yourself and with others and this reenforces your sense of value - and unveils the "why" of your everyday life existence and routines - to find life purpose. But as you will find out in my other articles this only gets us a third of the way to the ultimate revelation of finding purpose in life.


If we do not seek purpose in things unknown then an alternative perspective that invites us to find meaning within the known, is itself "purposeful" by default. Otherwise despair and emptiness abounds, and a sense of vacuousness emerges in ones thoughts about life. By re-evaluating our surroundings, our relationships, and engaging in our personal growth within the known we discover purpose in the ordinary but in a profound way as we iterate our everyday lives. It may turns out that the known is usually not as known as we may have assumed it to be.

This perspective encourages us to cultivate gratitude, embrace the present moment, and nurture connections with others. It liberates us from the pressure to constantly seek the unknown for fulfillment and redirects our attention to the richness and depth that can be found within the familiar.

In the pursuit of meaning, let us remember that purpose can be woven into the fabric of our everyday routine. By embracing what we already know, we empower ourselves to find fulfillment, joy, and a sense of belonging in the present, while appreciating the vast potential for growth and discovery of what lies within the boundaries we have already explored.

So, to find purpose in the known is to embark on a journey to uncover and rediscover the extraordinary in the sphere of the known i.e. of what you already mastered or think you know fairly well.

Now!. Look around you and point at the things you already know - breath them in, touch them, hold on to them, talk to them, hug them, get to know them - now explore them further - and repeat that same action tomorrow but this time a bit more profoundly. Your life will be enriched by taking this action.

How to find your purpose in life you ask? Well thinking about it reveals nothing - but doing is masterful. Yes, through sustained action you would have found and rediscover a new you, and through continuous action channel, transform and reveal purpose.

Remember, purpose does not exist outside of your everyday actions.


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