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Home Décor Ideas: Selecting Wall Décor And Room Decorations For Your Home.

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Calling all creative souls, décor enthusiasts, and hands-on home magicians! Are you a celestial being with a paintbrush in one hand, a vintage photo frame in the other, and a vision of a space that's uniquely 'you'? If so, this guide is your golden ticket to transforming your universe that tells the story of your grandeur, imaginative spirit and sheer sense of style.

Lovely decorated small living room
Home Décor Ideas

Well for sure even celestial beings needs to live somewhere and that wall will not decorate itself through a magic wand. Choosing the right wall décor can seem as daunting as finding the perfect outfit in a mall full of potential options that reveals self expression. But with a little guidance, it can become an exciting adventure, full of creativity and personal expression. Imagine your home as a blank canvas, and wall décor as the palette of colors at your fingertips. With each brush stroke, you're not just filling a space on a wall; you're creating an environment, setting a mood, and making your room an extension of yourself.

Whether you're a seasoned DIY expert or just dipping your toes into the world of home décor, this guide will help you navigate the diverse landscape of wall décor. It covers everything from understanding the role of each room in your home to the exciting range of wall décor options available, with a special focus on DIY possibilities that let your creativity shine.

Understanding Two Key Ideas of DIY Décor - Concept and Scale

Your home is your sanctuary, your personal gallery, your design statement to the world. Don't shy away from making bold choices, trying new ideas, or rolling up your sleeves to create your own masterpieces. Because nothing beats the sense of pride and joy that comes from stepping back and seeing your vision come to life. So, are you ready to pick up that paintbrush and make your mark, celestial one? Let's dive in!

When I am venturing into yet another DIY décor project I focus on two ideas which I have evolved over the years. The two key ideas are "concept" and "scale". Concept reveals your style, passion, self expression, color preferences and any attributes you wish to reveal. Scale captures the intended function, and features of the physical space - the size, shape, natural lighting, etc. Decorating any room is really about how you combine these two ideas. Décor types are expressions of "concept" which when combined within a space gives rise to a mood; expresses style, passion and recurring feelings. In the sections below we illustrate how various décor types are adaptable and suitable within various spaces i.e. rooms. In other words how various décor types is adapted to various scales.

Understanding the Role of Each Room

Living Room

Living Room

The living room is the heart of your home - it's where you entertain guests, host parties, and spend quality time with family. Therefore, the décor should create a warm, inviting atmosphere that caters to comfort as well as aesthetics. Wall décor plays a significant role in setting the mood.

1. Gallery Walls: A gallery wall offers a great way to showcase your personality and tastes. It can include family photos, art pieces, mirrors, or even wall sculptures. Think about using a mix of sizes, shapes, and textures for a dynamic effect.

2. Large-Scale Art: An oversized painting or wall hanging can serve as a dramatic focal point in a living room. It draws the eye and can set the color palette for the entire room.

See gallery below for a variety of styles and approaches for Large Scale Art and Gallery Walls.

3. Mirrors: Large mirrors can help to make the room feel larger and brighter, reflecting light and adding a touch of elegance to your rooms. The size of mirror is also a key factor. In general, small mirrors function better in large spaces and larger/bigger mirrors for smaller spaces. This does not always hold but it is a useful tip if you are stuck!


These spaces are personal sanctuaries. The wall décor should create a soothing atmosphere that aids in relaxation. You might opt for serene landscapes, abstract art in calming colors, or personal photos. For children's rooms, consider bright, playful wall decals.

Bedrooms are places for relaxation and rejuvenation. The décor should invigorate tranquil and calm. Here are a few décor ideas that might work.

1. Soothing Artwork: Art pieces with serene landscapes or abstracts in calming colors can create a peaceful environment. Choose art that resonates with you and contributes to a restful ambience.

2. Photographs: Personal photos or a small gallery wall of memories can add a touch of intimacy to the bedroom, making the space feel truly yours.

Children's Bedrooms

For children's rooms, consider playful wall decals, colorful murals, or posters of their favorite characters to make the space vibrant and fun.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

These areas are often bustling, so your wall décor should complement this lively energy. For kitchens, consider practical and decorative items like vintage kitchenware, chalkboards for notes, or framed recipes. In dining areas, a large piece of artwork or a mirror can create a focal point. These areas are the heart of the home, where meals are prepared, and families gather.

1. Kitchen: Consider incorporating practical yet stylish elements like a chalkboard for meal planning or grocery lists, a hanging rack for pots and pans, or framed vintage kitchenware or recipes for a rustic touch.

2. Dining Room: A large piece of artwork or an oversized mirror can serve as an impressive focal point. Mirrors also help reflect light around the room, making it feel more spacious and inviting.